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Sarong cover-ups come in all types of colors, shapes and sizes and so do the women that wear them. That's why plus sized sarong cover-ups are an significant aspect of a sarong website. Some websites claim to specialize in them and then offer only several colors or styles. Others tack on large fees or mark-ups and make the product cost too much to purchase.

Like regular pareos, plus size sarongs are many times made of a soft rayon fabric and are simple to care for. We recommend an carefree machine wash in a light or delicate cycle. Also we suggest either using a light detergent or no detergent at all. Always wash with like colors and if you're concerned about it running or bleeding, read the label, read the products website or do a quick test in the kitchen sink. Hand washing is always a good fast way to care for your sarong while also saving water. Line drying and machine drying (on a low heat setting) both fine. If you do use the machine, dry for a short period of time and check on it every 5 minutes (assuming it's by itself). If you find that your sarong is not made of rayon then we advise not using the enlightenment above and to read the care label on the product. If it does not have one, it may be a good idea to follow care instructions of another clothing article of the same or similar material.

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Plus Size Sarongs

Plus Size Sarongs

About Sarong wraps:
In the Maldives, and Indian state of Kerala, it is known as a mundu or neriyathu. A traditional Khmer dancer wearing a sampot in CambodiaThe basic garment known in English most often as a "sarong", sewn or unsewn, has analogs in many regions, where it shows variations in style and is known by different names. In Saudi Arabia, they are known as Izaar. The fabric of the misnomer "sarong" is generally quite light, often rayon, and may feature decorative fringing on two sides.   

Plus size sarong cover-ups are repeatedly 88 to 94 inches long and most often still the average 45 inches wide (holding it lengthwise). This is ordinarily to gracefully configure some of the more detailed dress styles of tying it. Several styles are available online, most websites will send instruction and some even sell instruction (don't waste your money buying instructions). These larger sarongs are frequently material for the majority of Plus Sized women to wear, as a dress and as a wrap. Try one on, you'll love it!

If you're looking for a admirable addition to any wardrobe, try a plus size sarong. They can come as a dress, a skirt, a wrap and much more. Imagine it as a fashionable wrap for when you'd like to add a layer or even be a little little while more modest by covering just a little little while more skin that a sexy dress may cover. This also comes in handy when you want to cover up from the sun when in bright daylight where the sun's rays are most dangerous. Sarong wraps also can make an spectacular wrap or shawl that can compliment your curves and hide areas you may not desire to show. There are so many ways to wear a sarong and unfortunately a number women don't know how to wear them or where to begin when tying them. In fact, that is the most generalized question about plus size pareos - how do I tie it? The unflawed part is, most websites provide instructions and tying details. All Sarong wraps in reality provides an extensive tying instruction PDF and includes links to videos you can watch over and over again online until you have it appropriate!